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How to Talk to Kids about Scary News


We want to protect our kids from the bad in the world, but it’s not always possible. Here’s how to have the right conversations about scary news to help our kids handle it.

 While driving down the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, with a view of the Manhattan skyline gleaming outside the car windows, my 5-year-old daughter suddenly piped up from the backseat, “Did you know people flew planes into the Twin Towers?”

It was like someone had knocked the wind of my chest, and my husband had to tighten his grip on the steering wheel. I collected myself enough to respond as casually as I could, despite reeling on the inside.

“Um, yes,” I said. “How do you know that?”

“We learned about it in school,” my daughter said, matter-of-factly. “It’s really sad.”

“Yes, yes, it is,” I replied.

Up u...

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A Mom’s Top Rules for Juggling Kids’ Schedules


A mom-of-three offers six hard and fast rules for successfully juggling kids’ schedules.

It’s Monday at 3 p.m. You have to pick your middle child up from school, then race home to get your oldest off the bus. Karate starts at 4 p.m. You promised the kids you’d take them to the school book fair around 6 p.m. And all along, your youngest is being dragged along for the ride. Dinner? Let’s hope you eat before everyone falls asleep in their hastily prepared grilled cheeses!

Yup, we’ve all been there. As a mom-of-three, I constantly feel overwhelmed by my kids’ schedules. We’re rushing to ballet, then soccer, then playgroup...

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Parenting Advice: When to Take It, When to Leave It


When you become a parent, everyone shares their parenting advice with you, if you want it or not. But you have to tune out what feels wrong for you, even if it comes from dear ol’ mom.

When it comes to parenting advice, one thing is certain; there’s never a shortage of it! When you become a parent, it seems everyone has an opinion on just about everything, from how many kids you should haveto what your child should eat for lunch.

Most of us appreciate a little help, depending on who is offering it, of course. Grandma? Well, she raised you, didn’t she? Experienced mom next door? Tell me more! Random guy at the gas station? Seriously?

So who do parents really trust to answer their biggest parenting questions?

An Irish parenting site called Her Family reports on a recen...

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