New Mother and Baby Care


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New Mother and Baby Care

Your first few days at home with your newborn are an important time for your family.Services for new mothers and babiesMothers who give birth in a hospital will receive a phone call from a public health nurse within 24-48 hours after discharge from hospital.

Mothers who receive care from a midwife will receive care in the first few days from their midwife and will be contacted  by a public health nurse within six to eight weeks.

Services provided by a public health nursePublic health nurses offer home visits to anyone who needs them. They can be a source of ongoing support for health assessment or advice as your baby grows and changes.

What if a public health nurse doesn’t contact me?

Contact a public health nurse in your area. Contact information is listed below under Services for new moms.

Do you have urgent concerns about mom or baby?For medical emergencies contact 911.

For all other medical concerns contact:

  • Your family doctor or midwife
  • Healthlink BC  at 8-1-1 (24 hours 7 days/week)
  • You local community health centre.

Who is eligible for new mother and baby care services?Residents in the Vancouver Coastal Health Area. If you are not sure, contact your public health nurse

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