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What Being Rh Negative Means for Your Pregnancy


What Being Rh Negative Means for Your Pregnancy

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Baby Massage Techniques


baby-massasge-lay-downWe’ve simplified baby massage into six simple strokes. Perform each one slowly, for about a minute, using moderate pressure applied with the pads of your fingers, not the entire palm of your hand. Keep your baby cozy by turning up the heat in the room and using a soft towel to cover her exposed skin.

Before you get started, make sure you have the following gear nearby:

  • A comfortable flat surface covered by a blanket or a mat
  • A small amount of baby oil (olive oil works well, too)
  • Tissues or paper towels to wipe up excess oil
  • A soft towel or blanket to cover your baby
  • A pacifier, if it’s calming for your little one
  • Low lights
  • Soft music

1. Lay your baby comfortably on his stomach, with his head turned to one side.


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Parenting Advice: When to Take It, When to Leave It


When you become a parent, everyone shares their parenting advice with you, if you want it or not. But you have to tune out what feels wrong for you, even if it comes from dear ol’ mom.

When it comes to parenting advice, one thing is certain; there’s never a shortage of it! When you become a parent, it seems everyone has an opinion on just about everything, from how many kids you should haveto what your child should eat for lunch.

Most of us appreciate a little help, depending on who is offering it, of course. Grandma? Well, she raised you, didn’t she? Experienced mom next door? Tell me more! Random guy at the gas station? Seriously?

So who do parents really trust to answer their biggest parenting questions?

An Irish parenting site called Her Family reports on a recen...

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